You’re a gay man living in the United States and you want to get married here in this country to another gay man. Yet, you have many unanswered questions that are holding you back. Start with what you know: Las Vegas represents neon, fun, glitz, style, and glamor.

Gay Male Weddings in Las Vegas

This site is produced by gay men who got married to each other in Las Vegas, Nevada and lived to tell about it. Here we share what we learned so you will be able to make informed choices and avoid making costly mistakes. Relax and browse through our commentaries and recommendations.

Let’s jump to the major question you are asking yourself:  Why would any gay man want to chose Las Vegas for his wedding to his special man?

Best Choice for a Gay Wedding

There are perfectly pleasant places in the United States for us gay men to get married. You and your man will want to remember your gay marriage as being extra special, however.

Other cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York are just not going to be as uniquely memorable for your gay wedding compared to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marriage Capitol of the U.S.

Las Vegas is “the marriage capital of the United States” because Las Vegas offers:

  • easy and convenient passenger jet travel to/from here
  • major world-class hotels and restaurants just minutes from the airport
  • uncomplicated and fast marriage licensing (no waiting period)
  • choices in wedding ceremonies and venues unlike anywhere else in the USA
  • honeymoon venues featuring 24/7 entertainment, food and drinks