The commentary, viewpoints, and local recommendations presented here at this website are unique and customized. This website is the work of Las Vegas locals who are gay adult men that actually have gotten married in Las Vegas. See the evidence of their marriage at another website.

GayMaleWeddings.Vegas is not merely a generic Las Vegas travel website.

Wedding tourism is a core industry in Las Vegas according to Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya. And this website is the real deal for any gay adult man who wants to arrange a gay wedding in Las Vegas with a little help from like-minded friends.

This photograph was taken by Wedding Wagon Las Vegas on December 30, 2016 at the Red Rock Casino Hotel Spa.

Woody Goulart (left), a longtime pro in business communication—both digital and traditional channels—and Sam Glass Jr. (right), an online writer, social media consultant, and voice talent. Woody and Sam are full-time Las Vegas residents. They are are known within the local and national LGBT community.