Marriage License and Ceremony

Let’s take a quick look at what’s legal in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Since 2014, gay men have been able legally to get married in the City of Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada. Marriages performed in Nevada are recognized nationwide. Read more in our Validation section.

Gay men who want to get married in Las Vegas need to appear in person to purchase a marriage license. The licensing of marriages in Nevada is done by the county in which you want to be married. Las Vegas is in Clark County, so you must go to the Clark County Marriage Bureau to start the process.

Next is the marriage ceremony. There are two types—civil and commercial. Unless you and your man are in a real big hurry to get the ceremony performed, you both will find that the commercial version will be more enjoyable because you can customize the ceremony to your own individual needs and wishes. In Las Vegas there are, for instance, many businesses that offer themed weddings where you can select an Elvis or Michael Jackson impersonator, a cowboy, a science fiction character, and other choices to be the officiant of your Las Vegas marriage. Read more in our Local Recommendations section.

We also offer an optional Boutique Service that has a discounted price for the first half of 2017. This service not for everyone. It’s only for those who prefer to have very personalized and customized guidance from informed and savvy gay men to put together the most enjoyable gay wedding possible for you in Las Vegas.