No gay man should deny or disregard the unpleasant subjects of prejudice against us gay men here within the United States or the American social and political efforts some people take to marginalize us and punish us. But, fortunately neither of these problems are relevant to you if you are choose to have your gay wedding in Las Vegas and follow our recommendations.

For a variety of historic and cultural reasons, today Las Vegas is accepting of us gay men who want to come here to get married. We all know that there are many more cities and states where the exact opposite is true for us gay men. As a gay man, you can and should use the comments section of our website to share how you were treated (both positive and negative experiences) so that other gay men will become more informed and savvy.

Marriage Industry Services

In Las Vegas there also are numerous businesses related to the marriage industry that actually care about making money through providing excellent customer services as the primary reason why they exist. This differs greatly from elsewhere. We gay men are well aware of what happens in the more religious and politically conservative cities where partisan politics and ideology motivate some businesses to not provide marriage industry services to us. Fortunately, Las Vegas has gay-friendly marriage industry service providers. Read our Local Recommendations for local businesses that will serve your gay wedding needs in Las Vegas.

Recognition of Your Gay Marriage

Your marriage will be recognized as legal in the United States when you leave Las Vegas and go back home. The cultural and legal validation of your gay marriage also remain with you no matter where you may go long after your wedding flowers have faded away.

The short legal process for getting married begins when you start by buying an inexpensive Nevada marriage license (for under $100) while you and your man are here in person in Las Vegas. You cannot legally get a Nevada marriage license online. You both must be present in person in Nevada.

To complete this legal stuff for marriage, you also will need the services of an officiant—a person who is authorized legally to say these most unforgettable words: “By the power vested in me by the State of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and husband.